When it comes to medical practices, we provide engineering services to comply with HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  We understand that the protection of your patient’s medical information is confidential and private under law.  At WEISSTECH, we have the expert technology services to keep your medical practices protected from unauthorized persons and criminals.    

We are experts at tackling any data security issues in any business setting.  Technology can be very tedious, and every business owner faces frustrating issues.  We provide many services to help strengthen and stabilize your technology systems.  Read below a list of services WEISSTECH offers to help improve your infrastructure…

The more services you let WEISStech handle, the easier your life will become, and the safer your business will be.


Our services include: 

Onboard:  With our free consultation we can assess what in your previous system is worth keeping and what we need to improve. WEISSTECH can set up a new technology infrastructure for your company or update your existing infrastructure.

VoIP and Internet Service Provider: WEISSTECH will research the available options in your area in order to help you choose the VoIP and internet providers that best fit your company needs. 

Network: You won’t get very far with a slow network, which is why WEISSTECH can configure enterprise-grade hardware to ensure reliability and security for your business.

Servers and Workstations: We configure reliable, secure enterprise grade servers and workstations for every business’s budget. We can also secure remote employee’s workstations, so you are protected no matter where you go. 

Backups: In our experience, redundancy and restorability are the key to secure backups.  WEISSTECH keeps several copies of your businesses data in multiple backup methods to increase the likelihood of a successful restoration in the event something goes wrong.

Security: We ensure your businesses security is unobtainable from unwanted visitors. Proper network configuration, endpoint protection, and user education are the best ways to keep your business protected from unwanted intrusions.   

Technical Support: WEISSTECH tech can replace traditional, in house IT with a strong and stable infrastructure for a fraction of the cost.  We recommend fully managed clients to contact us immediately with any technical issues, as they can expect a quick response time. 

Remote Access:  When it comes to medical practices, keeping your sensitive data safely in house is important.  No need for complicated, costly solutions which can put your data at risk.  WEISSTECH can provide your remote employees a workstation in your office without compromising security.  Keeping your business running smoothly, even during lockdowns, is our top priority.